...glamorous, entertaining and extremely palatable.
— Broadway World

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Joseph Discher

Scenic Design by Jim Hunter

Lighting Design by Kevin Griffin

Costume Design by Yao Chen

Sound Design by Britt Sandusky

Production Stage Manager - Stacy Renee Norwood*


Sophia Blum | Charmian

E. Mani Cadet* | Diomedes, Menas, Soothsayer

Michael Dorn* | Mark Antony

Blaine Edwards | Mardian, Pompey

Topher Embrey | Eros

Roberta Emerson | Iras, Octavia

Kody Grassett | Agrippa

Caralyn Kozlowski* | Cleopatra

Rodney Lizcano* | Octavius Caesar

Shane Taylor* | Lepidus, Scarus, Proculeius

Jeorge Bennett Watson* | Enobarbus

*member Actor's Equity


Following the assassination of Julius Caesar and his defeat of Brutus and Cassius, Mark Antony becomes one of the three rulers of the Roman Empire, together with Octavius Caesar and Lepidus. In the course of overseeing the eastern half of the empire, he falls in love with Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, and settles in Alexandria. He is compelled by his irate fellow triumvirs to return to Rome when the empire is threatened by the rebellion of Sextus Pompey, who attempts to avenge the defeat of his father by Julius Caesar.

With is wife Fulvia recently deceased, Antony marries Octavius' sister, Octavia, in an attempt to heal the rift between himself and Caesar. When Cleopatra hears about Antony's marriage, she flies into a jealous rage. Antony goes to Athens with Octavia, but when war breaks out between Caesar and Pompey, Antony sends Octavia back to Rome and returns to Egypt.

Octavius Caesar defeats Pompey and, incensed with Antony's return to Cleopatra, declares war on both Antony and Cleopatra. Antony is offered a choice of how to fight, and despite being renowned as the world's greatest soldier, chooses to fight at sea. The Egyptian navy is inadequate, and when Cleopatra's navy turns and flees, Antony follows them and Caesar defeats him.

Antony despairs, blaming Cleopatra for leading him astray, but quickly forgives her. The couple sends messages to Caesar: Antony requests to be allowed to live in Egypt, while Cleopatra asks that her kingdom be passed down to her rightful heirs. Octavius dismisses Antony's request, but agrees to grant Cleopatra's if she will betray her lover. She seems to consider the offer, until Antony interrupts and rails at her disloyalty. He forgives her moments later, and resolves to return the battle.

When Antony meets Caesar again at sea, the Egyptian fleet repeats their treachery, leading him to a tragic downfall. Antony vows to kill Cleopatra, so she goes to her tomb and sends a message to Antony that she is already dead. Antony is devastated and decides to kill himself. He botches the suicide, wounding himself severely. His followers take him to Cleopatra's tomb, where he dies in her arms.

Cleopatra, anticipating that Octavius Caesar will display her to the masses in triumph, resolves to end her own life.