I want to thank you again for working with me on my monologues. I had my audition for the Alabama Shakespeare Festival today, and got a callback for next week!
— C. Berner
I just got accepted to Loyola Marymount out in L.A.! Couldn’t have done it without you.
— J. Nell
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I think it’s always helpful to have someone watch your work because it’s impossible to be both character and critic at the same time. Finding someone who can help you take your work to the next level is often difficult. Before meeting Joe I had no idea how to “play Shakespeare.” Joe has a clear, organized, and thorough way of breaking down a speech, awakening the text for the actor. After working together, I’m most confident walking into auditions with my Shakespeare pieces. He truly cares about each one of his students and invests himself in nurturing their success. I would absolutely recommend Joe to those at any and all levels of Shakespeare!
— J. Casey
I felt much more confident going into the audition, and the monologues went off without any hiccups.
— M. Barbot
I feel one hundred times better about my audition pieces!
— H. Arney
Working with you restored my faith in myself.
— G. Beatty